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Sell, license and distribute your software

Set yourself free from billing and logistics so you can focus on building software instead of packaging, versioning, and distributing products to your customers.

Unlock - Cloud-based billing, licensing & distribution for devs | Product Hunt

`$ git:(main)` ^1000 gh release create v1.2.3 -F release-notes.md^500
`βœ… Release v1.2.3 has been published.`
`πŸš€ Pushed update to 1,240 active license holders.`
`πŸ’³ Release has been made available for sale. (view real example)`
`πŸ“– Changelog has been created. (view real example)`

  • Terminal

Get paid in less than 5 minutes

Unlock creates a secure payment page that lets you collect payments quickly. Customers can download your software once a successful payment is received and licenses are automatically created.

“Unlock is amazing. It's like Stripe Checkout for private packages.”

Unlock Checkout

Never leave your terminal

Publish a new release to GitHub, and that's it. Unlock will automatically import the release assets and make the release available for distribution.

“I've been using Unlock to distribute updates to my Electron application for the past year, and it has saved me countless hours.”

Electron Auto-Updater

Easy & secure licensing

Define your licensing policies and set your license duration, usage limits, and release constraints. Unlock supports perpetual and timed licensing policies which are ideal if you offer subscription based software.

“Unlock is the fastest and easiest way to ship software and generate revenue. There’s nothing else like it on the market.”

Unlock Checkout

Automatically inform your customers

Each time you publish a new release, your release notes are automatically imported and presented on a beautiful changelog page with code highlighting so your users can stay up to date.

Electron Auto-Updater

Modern distribution

With Unlock's modern distribution platform, you can easily deploy updates to your customer's technical stack. Whether it's an Electron application or a code package, Unlock provides plug & play support for Electron, PHP (Composer), Python (PyPI), and NodeJS (NPM).

“Distributing WordPress plugins to our customers via Unlock has been a major time saver. We can now focus solely on building awesome products.”

Unlock Checkout