Unlock Unlock

Sell, license and distribute

Private Node NPM / Yarn Packages

Use Unlock as your private NPM/Yarn repository and let your user install your packages with ease.

`$ git:(main)` ^1000 npx unlock-pkg hello-world e06ed24c-61c1-4eee-88f4-9a6cfca8d04a^500
`You are about to install "hello-world" with your license.`
`Please confirm to continue? (y)` ^300 y
`Package registry added.`
`Your license key is stored.`
`Installing package...`
` Successfully installed "hello-world".`

2 "private":true,
3 "dependencies":{
4 "@hello-world/hello-world":"^1.0.0"
5 }

A home for your packages

With Unlock's private Node repository you can safely publish and share your NPM & Yarn packages with the entire world.

Unique repository URL

Each of your products will have a beautiful, unique repository URL

Version constraints

You can use license policies to restrict user access to specific versions.

Time constraints

You can use license policies to remove access after a specific time.

Restrict access

Restrict users to only access releases up until their expiration date.

Revoke access

Have user access revoked when their license expires.

Auto publish

Publish a new release to GitHub, and your release will be made available automatically.

Reliable, fast, and secure

Your software is securely distributed to your users via our CDN for high-speed downloads.

License activations

Require your customers to activate their licenses and track their usage across multiple applications.