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Private Python Packages

Use Unlock as your private PyPI repository and let your user install your packages with ease

`$ git:(main)` ^1000 python3 -m pip install -i https://torch.pypi.pub -r requirements.txt^500
`Looking in indexes: https://torch.pypi.pub`
`User for torch.pypi.pub:` [email protected]
`Password:` 6b8a971e-6ba1-400f-9915-ea91604f7f0e
`Collecting torch`
`Downloading torch-3.0.0-py3-none-any.whl`
`Installing collected packages: torch`
` Successfully installed torch-3.0.0`


A home for your packages

With Unlock's private PyPI repository you can safely publish and share your packages with the entire world.

Unique repository URL

Each of your products will have a beautiful, unique repository URL

Version constraints

You can use license policies to restrict user access to specific versions.

Time constraints

You can use license policies to remove access after a specific time.

Restrict access

Restrict users to only access releases up until their expiration date.

Revoke access

Have user access revoked when their license expires.

Auto publish

Publish a new release to GitHub, and your release will be made available automatically.

Reliable, fast, and secure

Your software is securely distributed to your users via our CDN for high-speed downloads.

License activations

Require your customers to activate their licenses and track their usage across multiple applications.

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

Can I distribute my code to users without using PyPI?
Yes, Unlock provides a hosted download page for your software where your users can download the .tar.gz or .whl archive of your code. You can also use the API to retrieve the download link.
What is pypi.pub?
PyPI.pub is the domain name we use to host your private repositories. This allows for easy and user-friendly repository URLs.