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Tauri applications

Use Unlock as to secure your Tauri application with license validation and ship auto-installing updates.



Activate your license to get started

Plug and play integration

Figuring out how to secure your application or implementing auto-update support for private repositories can be time-consuming. That's why we did all the hard work for you, add Unlock's updater endpoint to your Tauri config, and that's it.

“Unlock is the fastest and easiest way to ship software and generate revenue. There‚Äôs nothing else like it on the market.”

2 "tauri": {
3 "updater": {
4 "active": true,
5 "endpoints": [
6 "https://dist.unlock.sh/v1/tauri/89b9d70a-e283-4891-853f-33780b507940/{{current_version}}"
7 ],
8 "dialog": true,
9 "pubkey": "dW50cnVzdGVkIGNvbW1lbnQ6IG1p..."
10 },
11 }

Auto-update Support

Unlock automatically updates your Tauri application to the latest version.

Electron Auto-Updater