Cloud-based billing, licensing, distribution and reporting for software products.

Set yourself free from billing and logistics so you can focus on building software instead of packaging, versioning, and distributing products to your customers.

Save time and money.

Distribution and licensing has never been easier. Connect your existing Github repository, add a few lines of code to your product, and let Unlock take care of the rest.

Get your product out there faster.

Software distribution is often a pain, so why not let Unlock take care of it all. Save yourself time and money by using Unlock to automatically distribute your product with no fuss or wasted time.

High-speed distribution via the Cloud

Ever had to wait hours for an update to be downloaded due to slow download speeds? That's all in the past. Deliver your software to millions of users without a hitch via our content delivery network.

Prebuilt integrations

No need to code everything from scratch. Import our code libraries to reduce your development time dramatically.

Integrates with your code repository

Unlock integrates with your existing code repositories. Simply install the Unlock Github application to distribute your product automatically.

Licensing Simplified.

Five seconds. That's how easy it is to generate a new license for one of your customers. Unlock takes care of all the complex logic associated with licensing behind the scenes.

Stop illegal usage of your product

Track your license usage via unique hardware fingerprints, IP addresses, domains, or any custom identifier. Restrict license activation count to prevent abuse and suspend when needed.

Timed licensing for your subscriptions

Besides perpetual licenses Unlock also provides timed licensing policies which are ideal if you offer subscription based software.

Integrated billing and license generation

Sell your product licenses in minutes with Unlock's integrated billing solution and license renewal options.

Full-featured platform

A technology-first approach to distribution and licensing.

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools. Using Unlocks’s platform means less to worry about and more focus on shipping features.

Push to Distribute

Push your code to Github, and Unlock will distribute your code or binaries to your users.

Malicious Files Protection

Secure checksum verification to protect your users against malicious files.

Powerful API

Integrate your existing tools with Unlock for tailor-made solutions.


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Valuable Insights

Track downloads and adoption rate of your software across platforms and devices.

Bring your Team

Invite your entire team to Unlock without any restrictions or additional costs.

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