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Electron applications

Use Unlock as to secure your Electron application with license validation and ship auto-installing updates.



Activate your license to get started

Plug and play integration

Figuring out how to secure your application or implementing auto-update support for private repositories can be time-consuming. That's why we did all the hard work for you, import our package, add a few lines of code, and that's it.

“Unlock is the fastest and easiest way to ship software and generate revenue. There‚Äôs nothing else like it on the market.”

3(async () => {
4 await app.whenReady();
6 const mainWindow = createWindow('main', {
7 width: 1024,
8 height: 600,
9 show: false,
10 });
12 Unlock.ifAuthorized(mainWindow);

Auto-update Support

Unlock automatically updates your Electron application to the latest version. Implement your own logic, or you can use our plug and play package to add auto-updates for valid license holders instantly.

Electron Auto-Updater